About Us

We are just a bunch of enthusiasts who feel that Law is not easily accessible to common man. As it is said “Ignorantia juris non excusat” – Ignorance of Law is NOT an excuse. It is our firm belief that Law has been made unnecessarily complex and various plethora of laws that we have today, affects the common man in myriad ways and it is often hard to keep abreast of all the laws that may affect our actions.

This website is our attempt to explain the laws and simplify them in a way that common man understands them. We will attempt to explain the on-going legal developments in a more lucid, easy to understand manner to bring about more awareness about law for everyone.

We aim to focus exclusively on those legal news and developments that will affect the common man and will not cover the entire gamut of legal news and articles that are covered by many other websites. We just want to help make law simple for everyone. We will also maintain a blog where we give our views on the recent judgements and developments and attempt to make it easier for everyone to understand.

At the same we understand how important information about law is, especially for prospective students aiming for a career in legal studies. Hence we will have a dedicated Students Corner that we will develop over time, and will contain one stop information for prospective and current students pursuing law. We shall also discuss movies, documentaries and series that every person interested in law must watch and books that every prospective law student must read.

This is just a small attempt by like-minded individuals to make law easier to comprehend for common person and our articles are for information purposes only. They should in no way be construed as legal advice. The information on here is no replacement for a lawyer, should you actually need one. This website is for information and knowledge purposes only and should be treated as a guide or a treasure trove of legal information rather than customised or individual legal advice.

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