Book Reviews

Over a career, a typical lawyer would go through hundreds, if not thousands of judgements, read Acts, sections, excerpts, legal texts, reference books, papers, police reports, case histories, documents, contracts, drafts, letters and emails, law dictionaries and textbooks. Therefore, it is imperative that a good lawyer have an avid interest in reading and absorbing material. Though it is never too late for someone to pick up reading, an early start is always a good head start.

Therefore, out here we will detail and list out a few books that we think every prospective and current law student should read. We will periodically also add reviews for our favorite books and also provide recommendations for books we think would be useful for every student and lay man alike. That being said, some books would be popular and mainstream fiction that touch upon important aspects of law and showcase how a common human being is touched by law in various stages of his or her life.

While this is just an amateur attempt, we will strive to categorize the books into different categories, so it is easier for everyone to comprehend.

There are many reading lists that are available online, which purportedly cater to the law students, however most of these lists do not specifically cater to Indian students and are more oriented towards American and British Law students. While many of the books would be common to law students across the globe, there are some really good books on the subject that cater to Indian diaspora as well. Some of India’s brilliant legal luminaries have written many books on law that ought to be read by Indian law students as well as everyone interested in reading books on the subject. Hence, we will be working to focus on Indian books as well, that might not be part of any generic lists of books that are available online. The books mentioned in this section would be very useful for the aspiring lawyers and have been suggested by leading luminaries in the field of law.

The list will evolve over time, and we will keep adding books and sub-lists and categories as we evolve with it. We hope that you would find it useful.

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