Supreme Court expresses ire as a lawyer appears shirtless before the court through Video Conferencing!

The Supreme Court, today, expressed its ire and dissatisfaction towards a lawyer, who appeared shirtless before it, through video conferencing. Justice L Nageshwar Rao berated and expressed dissatisfaction at the counsel for his reckless conduct. In October, Justice D Y Chandrachud had similarly reprimanded another lawyer who had approached shirtless before it. Today, Justice Nageshwar Rao stated “What is this behaviour? Even after 8 months now, you are so reckless?” Justice L Nageshwar Rao, along [...]

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13 Interesting facts about Constitution of India

In India, we celebrate Constitution Day on 26th November every year. The Constitution is perhaps the single most important document which is also the Supreme Law of India. The document lays down the Legal and Political framework of India as well as clearly enumerates rights guaranteed to every citizen of India as well as duties of every citizen of India. Indian Constitution is the longest written constitution of any country on earth. Here are some [...]

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Kerala’s Draconian Provision and how it affects you!

A lot of newsprint and webpages have been spent discussing the absurd new provision and amendment being sought by State Government of Kerala. Experts have decried and protested this amendment as being draconian and they claim that it will muzzle free speech in the State and Country. Here we take a closer look at the proposed and now accepted Amendment and see how it affects everyone. The Amendment is being bought to Kerala Police Act, [...]

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