Supreme Court expresses ire as a lawyer appears shirtless before the court through Video Conferencing!

The Supreme Court, today, expressed its ire and dissatisfaction towards a lawyer, who appeared shirtless before it, through video conferencing.

Justice L Nageshwar Rao berated and expressed dissatisfaction at the counsel for his reckless conduct.

In October, Justice D Y Chandrachud had similarly reprimanded another lawyer who had approached shirtless before it.

Today, Justice Nageshwar Rao stated “What is this behaviour? Even after 8 months now, you are so reckless?”

Justice L Nageshwar Rao, along with Justice Hemant Gupta were hearing a suo moto case relating to spread of Covid-19 in Child protection homes, through video conferencing, when this incident occurred.

The Supreme Court had reprimanded another lawyer in June 2020, who had appeared before it via video conferencing, while wearing a t-shirt and lying on his bed. The lawyer had later expressed regret and tendered his unconditional apology which the Supreme Court had accepted.

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